Google dropped a bombshell on us today—the first Android P Developer Preview. Widely expected to release this month, the first Android 9.0 builds are now available for the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, and Google Pixel 2 XL. Unfortunately, support has been dropped for the Google Pixel C, Google Nexus 5X, and Google Nexus 6P. Android P Developer Preview 1 brings a plethora of changes to the mix, and in this article we’ll be diving in to list most of what we’ve found on the surface level.

What’s New in Android P Developer Preview 1 for the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 series


Here’s a summary of all of the changes below in bullet point format. We recommend you take a cursory glance at this, but scroll down to see screenshots/videos and a description of each new change.

• User Interface changes in Android P Developer Preview 1

• New UI for settings/quick settings

• New notification style for messages

• New transition/notification expansion animations

• Updated Pixel Launcher with voice search icon and more prominent dock

• Battery saver no longer shows orange warning

• Always on display shows battery info and centers notifications

• New Easter Egg.

• About phone screen now shows additional info in a popup window.

• Quality of Life changes in Android P Developer Preview 1

• Built-in screenshot editor.

• Screenshot button in power menu

• Text selection zoom (like iOS)

• Battery saver can now be scheduled.

• Do Not Disturb has been simplified down to a single mode

• Volume buttons now control media volume by default

• Adaptive Brightness is now much more useful as it actually changes the base brightness level

• Hotspot can be turned off automatically if no devices are connected

• Rotation can be locked to landscape mode

• Multi-Bluetooth HFP/A2DP support

• Individual Wi-Fi networks can now be set to metered/unmetered

• Private DNS (DNS-over-TLS)

• Vibration controls in Accessibility Settings

• Accessibility option to disable all animations

• SysTrace tool is now built-in

• Recently posted notifications are now shown in notification settings

New Notification Style for Messages

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