You can’t just develop a good health only by going gym,yes you can make your health better without going gym too.

here’s some key points,that you have to maintain in your life to get a good health.

#1 : Eat only low fat dairy : you don’t have to eat the dairy fat. Just eat the low fat versions of dairy.

#2 : protein is compulsory: now you are not going to gym but still you have to add an amount of protein in your daily’s an essential nutrient to repair your also helps in to improve your skin health and many can add chicken breast, soy chunk, egg white etc for your protein requirement.

#3 : add ‘HEALTHY’ fats in your diet : almonds, cashews, walnuts, flax seeds, fish etc are the good sources of healthy fat. Actually these sources contain OMEGA-3 and fatty acid,that will help you to make your brain functioning better and omega-3 is good in preventing your heart from cholesterol.

#4 : add an amount vegetable salad : for daily dose of essential minerals and vitamins you have to add salad of veggies like carrot, beetroot,etc.

#5 : say bye to sugar : yes,you have to say good bye to sugar,because in your daily life,it’s your no. 1 enemy.

#6 : drink more water : drinking more water gonna help you to remove toxins from your body and it makes your metabolism up. Make a habit to drink at least 3 liters of water daily.

#7 : go for a walk in the morning : yes,you have to go for a walk of at-least 1-2 kms.with the above 6 points,you have to add this 7th point too in your daily life to live a healthy life.

So this was all about to stay fit without hitting gym.


YouTube : Ahsan Khan Fitness

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