It’s been a big week for Samsung, world’s biggest mobile phone maker after trying after few months. Firstly the Samsung Note 7 had to be withdwarn after it showed a tendency to catch fire after overheating, then the firm’s boss was arrested and charged with corruption in a bribery scandal which has rocked the South Korean government. So a lot was happening on the launch of its new flagship smartphone i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8, described by one of the analyst as its most important device in the decade.

In the event, the Galaxy S8 got some positive reviews due to its infinity screen & Bixby AI assistant, looks like this launching was going to help Samsung’s shares to record highs. Microsoft also announced its Microsoft’s Edition Galaxy S8, which has same specifications in hardware but it will ships with pre-installed Microsoft’s apps like Office 365, Onedrive, Onenote and many other apps replacing system apps.

You Can Check the Specifications from here.

The Company’s investors seem convinced by the underlying strengths of a business which, as well as making its own high-end devices, makes components for other leading smartphones.

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