It was drizzling outside on one fine morning, and the view of city from crossword book store was as refreshing as the tiny rain droplets, resting shine on avocado tree outside.

Giving a read to bestsellers, I tried to rub condensed water droplets on the glassy wall to get the better view of that delight panorama.

The store was deserted except few people were roaming around to fill their bibliophilic crave, Preeti shenoy’s new release became a bestseller and a buzz around her section was created.

There she was, standing in her white stilettos don’t know for how long, doing her hairs and having an eye stretched, may be the quote that she read made her do so or it her was charismatic way to slay people but I was urged to talk with her for sure. Keeping the odds aside I went to her.

Me: “Hey I’m Kabir, For I see you standing here for a long, May I join you?”

She: “Hii myself Pritika (surprised) Actually I’m expecting here for someone. Sorry, nice to see you.”

Me: “God you’re patient! You should know by now that your blind date stood you up.”

She: “What?? And how could you say that?”

Me: “A pretty girl with an amazing radiant skin waiting for someone for so long. Maybe for a friend? Keeping a check on her looks every now and then, despite of being indulged in a novel. Making sure that she looks as elegant as she can.

Definitely not for a friend, Maybe for a date? Or boyfriend? That’s what I thought. But as I walked up to you and introduced myself, I noticed your variations of expression change from excitement to delight to suspicion to disappointment.

Clearly you were waiting for someone you haven’t met before, so… a blind date it is!”

She: “whoa.. (with eyes widely open) ohh Hey there Sherlock you cracked it very well.”

Me: “So do you mind blessing me with your company?”

She: “I’m too amazed to say no. Of course you can, let’s see what this book store has for us.”

Me: “Yeah sure, btw how much did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” (smirking)

She: “Hahaha, Don’t get any ideas, mister.” (she giggled)

Me: “But don’t we all come at book stores for the enlightenment of our ideas.”  (wink)

She: (overwhelmed) “You are really good at this, nice try with that line to impress me.”

Me: “So you are impressed?”

She: “Didn’t you heard the word the ‘try’?” (with a cunning look, she giggled)

Me: “Okay look I’m alone in this book store with a beautiful girl having sticky eyes and glossy lips, who has a good sense of humor and also its raining outside. So you can’t blame me for trying. I’m not a wuss “. (Giggling back)

She: “So who are you?”

Me: “I’m not a self-flaunting person also, you are free to judge.”  (I winked)

She: “Good I like modest people, especially when they are smart and funny.”

Me: “Were those compliments in disguise?”

She: “Why do you need to convert my generalisations to attributions?”

Me: “Don’t know, why do you need to play games?” (with a cute face)

She: (Laughing very hard) “I don’t remember that last time I laughed so much.”

Me: “Well I hope you will remember this time.”

The date really went well we seemed to click instantly and very fond of each other, she couldn’t help smiling and blushing at every sweet things I said to her. God she was heart throbbing.

Finally, it was time to depart and we walked out of the book store. When this happened.

She: “It was a delight to meet with you. I’m so glad that our friend Subhpriya had set us up, Abhishek.”

Me: (Shocked, surprised, astonished) wait… you knew?

She: A handsome man sitting alone in a book store, at a rainy day, observing a pretty girl and trying hard to win her heart…. Won’t he have something better to do?  Wasn’t he himself waiting for someone? Or he is a stalker? Nope. He doesn’t look like one. And also I tell you Mr. heart robber I never get stood up. (And she winked)

Me: (Me blushing hard for she caught me up) You are really gross.

And we kissed for the first time but definitely not the last. I never actually told her the words.

She knew

I knew that she knew, that was enough.


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