In this article I’m gonna describe some useful points for you and if you are gonna follow these points, I’m sure you’ll get your dream body by loosing fat.

#1 : add green tea or lemon tea/drink in your life,this is because these drinks are low in calories and help you to manage your weight.vitamin C intake actually helps in managing weight.

#2 : walk 3-4 kms in the morning without eating any thing,just after getting are going for a walk without eating anything,and that time your body use your fat as his fuel and this point gonna help you to manage your weight.

#3 : eat less carbs,and add soluble fiber  in your diet,fibers actually helps in maintaining size and reducing low carbs because carbs mostly increase size. For example we are eating oats, food made up of whole grain i.e anything,everything contains maximum carbs. So you have to add more fruits and vitamin C instead of eating more carbs.

#4 : do yoga or go to gym : yes,the morning walk is not that much enough for your weight lose goal,you have to hit the gym or you have to do some yoga to get your dream body.

#5 : add heavy protein contain breakfast in your daily life,when it comes to lose weight, protein is “king” of nutrient’s.

so these were 5 basic tips to maintain or reduce your weight and will help you to get your dream body.


YouTube : Ahsan khan fitness

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