Hackintosh is getting more popular these days due to its compatibility so before going any further you should know about what exactly is hackintosh ?

hackintosh is a hacked version of macOS which is designed to run on PC not as a virtual machine of macOS but as the full working macintosh system which is licensed under Apple Inc. and Next Computers. hackintosh is not like any other operating system as it not run OOB i.e. Out of the Box. You have to make your own hackintosh with your bare hands.


probably yes and big no.

hackintosh don’t have its own drivers so you’ll have to make it for the system to run properly, the major reason for compatibility is because Apple have its own lined-up series of intel processors, which is made and designed by intel especially for macOS so the best thing for your system capability is to check is your processor is identical or same as any other mac out there, you don’t have to check by going to the store of-course but you’ll have to check online with your processor model and generation and having a SSD is a big plus.

like for example mine processor is : Intel 5th Generation i5 5200u with HD Graphics 5500.

So first things first,

  1. Checking the model of mac which have lineup of 5th generation Intel Processors.
  2. Getting the exact model name from the Internet to make the system property list i.e. config.plist in my case its MacBook pro 2015 with i5 5250u
  3. make the list of the hardware from your system.

if you have the identical hardware so then yes it can be hackintoshed and if not don’t try it’ll be an headache if you are not familiar with basic programming and the knowledge of how Operating system works